Newbie with problems

Heiko Engler engler at
Wed Aug 1 11:53:58 BST 2001

At 12:42 01.08.01, you wrote:

>        Hello,
>On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Heiko Engler wrote:
>> >        Is this true for all connections? What parts of netfilter you
>> >are using? Any errors displayed from ifconfig?
>> iptables (v1.2.1a) -L -t mangle:
>> MARK    tcp  --  anywhere      tcp dpt:smtp MARK set 0x1
>> with using this mark:
>> ipvsadm -A -f 1 -s rr
>> ipvsadm -a -f 1 -m
>> That's all I configured concerning IPVS and netfilter. Did I forgot anything?
>        The setup is ok but your first posting is ambigous. My question
>is whether all LVS connections from this service detect packets with
>wrong checksum or you found this error only for one?

This is the only connection I established (I just started). Really weird is: when I turn of the  sendmail on the real server and a packet is send from the real server with the AR flag set it gets through the virtual server and I get a connection refused on the client.
The checksum problem only seem to occur with the SA flag on.
Direct connections from the virtual server to real server on the smtp port is working too.
And when I use iptables -j DNAT to real server sendmail is answering correctly.



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