Solvinf ARP on 2.4.7

Julian Anastasov ja at
Fri Aug 3 23:29:25 BST 2001


On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Malcolm Cowe wrote:

> The standard contrib patch for 2.4.2 does not work with the 2.4.7
> kernel, so I went to Julian's page and looked at the patches section --
> and of course I have a question. I see that the 2.4.7 patch has stuff in
> it for using a the LVS director as a gateway in DR setups -- is this
> essential to the successful running of a DR setup? Again, I'm going for
> a one NIC, one network topology, with clients, director and real-servers
> on the same subnet (it will be easier to package and scale if we don't
> have to create bridged private subnets when instantiating a new
> cluster), and I'm getting confused.
> I had thought that I just apply the hidden patch to the linux
> real-servers, faff around with the ifocnfig options on our HP-UX 10.20
> real-servers, and apply the lvs patch to the director. Do I need the
> shared hoo-hah patch for the director too?

	No, the forward_shared stuff is not needed, it has another
purpose. The hidden-forward_shared-2.4.7-1.diff exists just to allow
using the both features in same kernel for the LVS and for the RS boxes.
What you need is hidden-2.4.5-1.diff

> I apologise for sucking up bandwidth with such trivialities, but my
> head's already swimming! =)

	Now I'll try to fix the web page.


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