director & real-server on same machine

Bruce Pennypacker bruce+lvs at
Fri Aug 3 20:30:35 BST 2001

Hi all,

Sorry if this is a FAQ but I just spent a little while going over the
documentation on the web site and couldn't find an answer.  Our office has
about 200 workstations & servers, some of which make up a web spider that
generates a large volume of DNS requests from time to time.  We're looking
at setting up an LVS based DNS server.  One question I have is if it is
possible to have the director act as both the director and a secondary DNS
server.  Thinking about it a bit I'm inclined to guess that it's not
possible, but I want to be absolutely sure.  It would save us some work (not
to mention an extra server) if we could do this, but it's not a huge deal if
we can't.



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