Direct Routing from behind a firewall?

Don Hinshaw dwh at
Sat Aug 4 02:05:40 BST 2001

Horms <horms at> said:

> On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 03:48:14PM -0400, Matthew S. Crocker wrote:
> > DR is faster, less resource intensive but has issues with configuration
> > because of the age old 'arp problem'
> This is true but LVS-NAT is still fast enough for many aplications and
> is IMHO considerably easier to set up. While I think LVS-DR is great
> I don't think people should be under the impresion that LVS-NAT
> will intrisicly be a limiting factor to them.
> --
> Horms

True, and Cisco, Alteon and F5 solutions are all NAT based. The real limiting
factor as I understand it is the capacity of the netcard, which these three
deal with by using gigabit interfaces.


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