tunneling problem.

Shlomo Matichin shlomom at cs.huji.ac.il
Sun Aug 5 20:39:54 BST 2001


first of all, i want to remark that i find the LVS documentation very
dissappoiting. why is there no word about the new 2.4 kernels? for
example, the "hidden" options replaced by "arpfilter"?

as for my problem: i setup the real server (using the commands below), and
the director machine cannot ping it. it seems arp replays do not arrive.
my guess is that the real server sends the arp replay localy, since it has
a device with the source ip address of the arp request.

this happens with linux-2.4.7, commands used to setup tunneling:

ifconfig tunl0 netmask broadcast

route add dev eth0

on the director i then do ping and get "destanation
unreachable" after the usual arp timeout.

what do you guys think?


Shlomo Matichin       shlomom at cs.huji.ac.il

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