tunneling problem.

Julian Anastasov ja at ssi.bg
Mon Aug 6 09:31:08 BST 2001


On Sun, 5 Aug 2001, Shlomo Matichin wrote:

> hi,
> first of all, i want to remark that i find the LVS documentation very
> dissappoiting. why is there no word about the new 2.4 kernels? for

	Hm, yes, we have to update the pages. You search for solutions to
the ARP problem:


> example, the "hidden" options replaced by "arpfilter"?

	Who talks about such replacement? See, the both exist in 2.2!

> as for my problem: i setup the real server (using the commands below), and
> the director machine cannot ping it. it seems arp replays do not arrive.

	This is bad. It seems you are looking into some tcpdump
output. Can you show it.

> my guess is that the real server sends the arp replay localy, since it has
> a device with the source ip address of the arp request.
> this happens with linux-2.4.7, commands used to setup tunneling:
> ifconfig tunl0 netmask broadcast
> up
> route add dev eth0

	I hope you'll not find the following doc disappointing:


	There are sections for routing and tunneling.

	One note: there is no big changes in the routing code between
Linux 2.2 and 2.4. You just need to solve the ARP problem in 2.4

> on the director i then do ping and get "destanation
> unreachable" after the usual arp timeout.
> what do you guys think?

	Your routes are wrong. Check again your settings. The ping is the
first thing that should work.

> Shlomo.
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