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Tue Aug 7 15:38:34 BST 2001


On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, Warnell, Brandon wrote:

> Howdy,
> I am having some difficulty in setting up LVS.  I actually got LVS to work
> at one point and tested it with a load balancing tool which visually
> displays LVS activity.  After a while, it stopped working.  I restarted all
> the services and still no luck.  Any suggestions as to what I am
> overlooking??

	LVS-DR with ARP problem solved? IMO, from the information
provided nobody can hit the right answer. When searching the problem
you have to check all layers before LVS: addresses, ARP, routing, trying
some 'ip route get XXX',  'arp -an | grep VIP' and 'ping VIP' in all
flood clients. The HOWTO is full with problems that can happen. IMO,
you have two options: draw picture and show all your settings or
spend (the same?) time to check everything again.

	The short answer is "there is no known time-dependent problem
in LVS". BTW, what answer do you expect? Oh, my letter is longer
than yours :(

> Thanks,
> Brandon J. Warnell
> Compaq Computer Corp.
> (979)691-4553


Julian Anastasov <ja at>

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