newbie, which need an urgent answer

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Wed Aug 8 00:01:03 BST 2001

I have built a cluster that is something like what you have described 
(without CODA) and have found that some of what you want can be done this 

Two machines can load share with LVS with one acting as the director (I used 
NAT) but things quickly become more complicated when the primary Director 
fails and heartbeat has to fire up a new director on the backup server that 
only delivers packets locally (or write a whole new script that doesn't 
bother with a one-node director). It can be done but it is more complex than 
I think it should be. A better solution (IMO) would be to just use two boxes 
as directors, and then offer services from inside the cluster from Real 
Servers (much easier to maintain clone Real Servers and grow your cluster 
that way--see

For file replication between the servers you can use RSYNC if you don't have 
to worry abount file/record locking, but I think a better solution would be 
to add a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device to the cluster (sort of 
"behind" the Real Servers). Then use NFS between the NAS and the Real 
Servers and let NFS take care of file/record locking problems. (I suppose 
you could use RAID and NFS on a Linux box as a NAS server instead of a 
product from EMC or Network Appliance, etc.) And if you are worried about a 
single NAS box use some type of snap-shot method to a stand-by NAS server.

In my opinion this would help to keep things simple and much easier to 
maintain so that each box only has to assume one role: Director, Real Server 
or NAS.

Just my 2 cents...


>From: Filipe Carvalho <fcarvalho at>
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>To: lvs-users at
>Subject: newbie, which need an urgent answer
>Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 23:26:18 +0100
>	Hi,
>	I need to create a cluster, with two machines, which need providy
>services such as https, tftp and ssh. Also need to be a nfs server for
>some gigs of data and could have a large traffic (near 1 Gigbit/s) from
>the clients.
>	My question is, can i put the linuxDirector in those machines (i can't
>put more machines, but i can have some interface cards for dedicated
>communication) and if Coda, can maintain the replication of data in both
>	Thanks in advance,
>	Filipe Carvalho.
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