already patched kernel rpms ?

Billy Gunn billy.gunn at
Wed Aug 8 01:05:10 BST 2001

Redhat has kernel RPM's up to 2.4.3 and I believe they have LVS support. My
Redhat 7.1 with kernel 2.4.2 did.  However, you are not getting the latest
LVS updates using the Redhat RPM's.  If you are unsure if support was added
search your kernel src for ip_vs*


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Has anyone built or know where I can get rpms for kernels that already
have the LVS patches?

Am I correct in assuming that the "stock" 2.2.19 kernel RPMs from redhat
are already compatible with LVS?

In any case, I think the 2.4.x kernels don't have the hidden support, so I
was wondering if there are any "lvs-compatible" 2.4 kernel rpms out there?


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