portfw or direct accessability

Draschl Clemens clemens.draschl at techconsult.at
Tue Aug 14 13:42:46 BST 2001

hi there

i tried to set up a lvs and it worked perfectly with http(s) ftp and
telnet (these were the services i tried). one director (linux 2.2)
balances between two webservers (solaris), lvs_nat is used. (please
don't tell me to use lvs_dr, because we can't use it ;-) )

the problem now is, that each of the web servers needs its own
ssh-access for maintainance.
i tried it first with rr-scheduling with just setting up one service for
each server, but it didn't work. the second thing i tried is with ipmasq
portfw, the same. the last thing i tried was rinetd, again nothing. i
wasn't able to access one of the webserver directly at all. 
i set up several ipchains too, but nothing happened.

anybody knows a solution?


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