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Tue Aug 14 17:14:34 BST 2001

You will not be able to run an LVS-NAT system and access it properly on the
same network.  You will need to have the LVS on one subnet which is seperate
from the subnet that the client machines are on.

I know this is true for NAT and am not famaliar enough yet with the other
options (Tun, DR) to know if this would be possible under those

Best of Luck

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Hey all,

I have 4 linux servers running Red Hat 7.1 and i want to create 2
virtual and 2 real server setup.
Now on 3 of the machines i have ipvsadm and Piranha installed but not
configured. Also I am operating only on an internal company network.

My questions are if first of all it is possible to create LVS only on
internal network, or i "need" the real I-net also, plus do i need any
other packages besides Piranha and ipvsadm in order to be successful !

Thank you in advance !!!


George G. Georgiev
Co-op Systems Engineer

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