Lotus Domino with LVS

Roberto Nibali ratz at tac.ch
Fri Aug 24 14:38:08 BST 2001

Hello James,

> did anyone ever use Lotus Domino with LVS? i set up a lvs

Nope, not that I would know of, but if it's TCP or UDP, you're
on the safe side.

> cluster including two Domino servers(Windows2000, providing
> www service) and one virtual server(Linux box). now i have

If it's simple webtraffic, you don't have to worry about the
architecture. Could you tell us what setup you used? LVS_NAT
or LVS_DR?

> configured lvs.cf, added ipchains rule, ping can work properly.

Ok, then I might assume you choose the LVS_NAT approach?

> but after i started pulse, client browser cannot retrieve pages

Can you fetch the pages without starting pulse?

> from the web server, just "connecting to server xxxx" and no more
> changes. is it due to the setup of lvs or Domino? i feel that

Well, I'm not familiar with other user space tools except LVS
related ones, aka ipvsadm. To find out, if the problem is the
Domino configuration (which I don't think) do following tests:

1. setup LVS according to the mini-HOWTO
2. get the page without any additional daemon running on the 
3. Make a system fingerprint (ipvsadm -L -n, ipchains -nvx -L,
   netstat -rn)
4. If it works, start pulse and create another fingerprint.
5. Make a diff of the two fingerprints, if they differ, your
   pulse setup is wrong, if not, you come back to the list 
   with all the information and we will help you.

> it may be a problem of authentication but i cannot figure
> out what it is exactly. can someone give me any suggestion?

What kind of authentication do you use? Sorry, I don't know
nothing about Lotus Domino, except how to crash it :)

If you encounter problems with pulse, you might address your
problems to the piranha mailinglist.

Best regards,
Roberto Nibali, ratz

mailto: `echo NrOatSz at tPacA.cMh | sed 's/[NOSPAM]//g'`

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