Can Director(s) in LVS-DR do NAT also?

Scott Jones scott at
Fri Aug 24 19:56:18 BST 2001

Hi there,

I'm setting up an upgrade for our server farm (which has been using
LVS-DR without hiccup since March), but had a single director and two
real servers.

In the new setup, there will be two directors (for fail-over), two
real-server web servers, and three applications servers that process
requests from the real-server web servers.  The one complication is that
our application servers need to be able to have internet access so that
they can request XML data from some other sites, but our security
requirements are specifying that I cannot give them routable IP

So, I'd really like to set up the directors as a redundant NAT gateway
for the application servers, if that's possible.  Just to make it
clearer (hopefully), I've attached a little diagram of how I'd like
things to end up (I hope this is ok)...   Has anyone done this before,
have any warnings about what I'm trying to do, etc?

It would probably be simpler to stick with LVS-NAT, and just let the app
servers use the director(s) as their default gateway, but I'd like to
stick with LVS-DR if possible...

Thanks for any help anybody can give.



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