Weird things are happening VS-DR

Sam Mayes sam.mayes at
Wed Jul 25 14:30:53 BST 2001

Nope no heartbeat. Im going through 20 minutes of tcpdumps on 3 machines :)


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> I have vs-dr setup with rh 7.1. everything is patched etc. and works
> wonderful. However my isp claims My servers are bradcasting tons of
> and Im getting a ton of collisions on the  real servers. Has anyone seen
> similiar behaviour with a very simple vs-dr setup. Did I skip something?
> thanks in advance.

Just a question, do you use heartbeat over eth ? heartbeat may send
udp packets to the broadcast address of his subnet.

Looks like this:
09:58:01.894106 > udp 140 (DF)
09:58:02.893402 > udp 140 (DF)
09:58:03.894085 > udp 140 (DF)
09:58:04.894138 > udp 140 (DF)
09:58:05.894093 > udp 140 (DF)

As you see, it does so every second.



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