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Alexandre CASSEN alexandre.cassen at canal-plus.com
Fri Nov 30 17:17:56 GMT 2001

Robert Barr, from CISCO Systems, answer's

>Cisco will not assert any patent claims against anyone for an
>implementation of IETF standard for VRRP unless a patent claim is asserted
>against Cisco, in which event Cisco reserves the right to assert patent
>claims defensively.
>I cannot answer for IBM, but I suspect their answer will be different.
>Robert Barr
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>Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 1:51 AM
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>Subject: VRRP & OpenSource issue
>Hello Robert,
>I am sending you this email to obtain some clarifications about patents on
>VRRP protocol and application of this patents to OpenSource ?
>I am from the LinuxVirtualServer OpenSource project
>We have done a VRRP implementation to use with LVS, with a little RFC
>modification adding a VRRP Instance synchronization facility (a monitored
>circuit ala Nokia). You can find internals implementation issue in this
>paper :
>but what about : http://www.ietf.org/ietf/IPR//VRRP-CISCO &
>And the 2 patents :
>=> From CISCO : http://www.delphion.com/details?pn=US06108300__
>=> From Nortel Network : http://www.delphion.com/details?pn=EP01006702A3
>=>> When We read this papers we can't find any OpenSource restrictions...
>Would it be possible to give me some officials informations on that point
>Best regards,
>Alexandre Cassen
>LinuxVirtualServer OpenSource Project
>acassen at linux-vs.org
>PS: Alex Zinin, <azinin at nexsi.com> has reply to my first request into the
>VRRP mailing list, and gave me your email in order to go ahead on this
>topic (Thanks Alex).

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