Keepalive question

Stefan Peter stefan at
Wed Jul 31 05:43:12 BST 2002

Hi All,

Though I know, that keepalive is an independent software, I would like to
pose question about it.

Suppose there are two directors: a master one and a backup. I have started
sync daemon by ipvsadm --start-daemon={master,backup}... as it is written
in the doc. When I initiate a persistent connection with my cluster I
cannot see active/inactive connections to be synchronized. Instead I find
in the backup's log files the following:

Jul 30 17:02:28 ikb1 Keepalived: IPSEC AH : sequence number 8321 already
proceeded. Packet droped
Jul 30 17:02:28 ikb1 Keepalived: bogus VRRP packet received on eth0 !!!
Jul 30 17:02:28 ikb1 Keepalived: VRRP_Instance(VI_1) ignoring received

What may cause the problem?

Peter Stefan

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