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Mon Jun 10 19:14:32 BST 2002

The data won't be identical for a number of reasons:
- it's not possible to guarantee that both sides to see identical
packets especially over longer horizon spanning hardware and software
- even if both sides see the same traffic after retrasmission for a
shorter period, the order of arrival may change the operation, e.g. if
you use NAT with the port number assigned sequentially wrt the order of
- arp issues



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> I was wondering if it is possible to route all traffic to 2 servers
> running
> mysql and that way all the traffic would hit bith mysql servers and
> hopefully they would both then contain the same data at all times. I
> it would have to be NAT setup and only the acks and other connection
> traffic
> would go back through from one of the mysql servers. If this is just
> talk let me know but please be kind enough to let me know why. I am
> interested in setting up some kind of mysql lvs.
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