Help with Solaris Real Servers and DR

Dana Quinn dana at
Tue Jun 11 00:03:15 BST 2002

> > 	no need to, this is on a card that isn't connected to the network
> > 	it wouldn't hurt, but it doesn't matter
> Ok, I see. So why did you put <intfc> when you meant hme1? And besides 
> that when I used to work with SUN hardware it wouldn't ship with more 
> than one NIC. And buying a second NIC simply to be there for the VIP is 
> bloody expensive. But I reckon if you can afford decent SUN hardware you 
> might as well buy a second NIC.

heh!  Well, maybe he's got a quad ethernet card sitting there with a
couple ports open... (but then it would be qfe0...3, I guess)

Anyway, to the original poster (Ramon York) - do you see a benefit
to using the 'extra' card to park the VIP address on instead of
using something like lo:0?  Just curious.



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