Last LVS kernel patch and RedHat 7.2

David A. Sinck lvs-lists at
Thu Jun 20 14:38:57 BST 2002

\_ SMTP quoth Carles Xavier Munyoz Baldó on 6/20/2002 09:32 as having spake thusly:
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\_ On Wednesday 19 June 2002 16:59, Peter Liska wrote:
\_ > I've found this to work well for RedHat:
\_ >
\_ > - get the default .config file for the RedHat 7.3 kernel (I can send
\_ > this to you if you need it)
\_ > - grab the 2.4.18 kernel from
\_ > - copy your 7.3 .config over to the 2.4.18 source tree
\_ > - apply all the patches you need, config as necessary, then recompile.
\_ And, have you tried to apply the LVS patch directly to the RedHat kernel 
\_ source ?

At least the RH 7.3 (2.4.18-3) kernel comes with ipvs patched in
already, I believe, given the net/ipv4/ipvs directory.  Based on
timestamps in the file the patch seems to be r0.9.8 (IIRC) from

FWIW, I've recently started looking into LVS, and I was amazed when
simple LVS-NAT was supported 'out of the box' in RH 7.3.  

However I'm having issues with ktcpvs corrupting returns and generally
disliking me, so I'm rolling my own kernel with a later revision and
seeing if that begins to play nice.  But more on this later when I've
exhausted all potential avenues that I can think of with the help of
the FAQ.  :-)


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