[Keepalived] Release 0.5.7 available

Alexandre Cassen Alexandre.Cassen at wanadoo.fr
Thu May 2 23:09:02 BST 2002

Hi all,

After some busy time here we go with a new release. I have many things on 
my TODO list so excuse for delay :/ I have not found time to test iparp 
code from julian.

Download location : www.keepalived.org

ChangLog is :

2002-05-02  Alexandre Cassen  <acassen at linux-vs.org>
         * keepalived-0.5.7 released.
         * Review autoconf/automake scripts to be more generic on system 
and code
           selection. Added primitives (configure) :
             --disable-lvs-syncd : Do not use IPVS sync daemon
             --disable-lvs       : Do not use IPVS framework
             --disable-vrrp      : Do not use VRRP framework
             --enable-debug      : Compile with debugging flags
         * Fixed a SSL stream handling bug.
           Thanks to Andres Salomon, <dilinger at voxel.net> for pointing the 
         * Added a global memory counter to track global memory used.
         * Fixed configuration parser. read_line. Remove static allocated
           temporary read buffer. Only handle stream if line has been 
spitted into
         * Limit maximum number of VIPs per VRRP Instance to 20. (for 
           overhead, and others reasons).
         * Added IPVS wrapper support to persistence granularity.
           Thanks to Mike Zimmerman, <tarmon at spamcop.net> for the suggestion.
         * Review smtp notifier to handle VRRP MASTER state transition alert.
           Thanks to Paul, <xerox at foonet.net> for the suggestion.
         * Review the UserGuide.pdf to fixe some english issues :)
           Thanks to Jacques Thomas, <jacktom at noos.fr> for reviewing.

All comments are welcomes,

Best regards,

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