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Joseph Mack mack.joseph at epa.gov
Wed May 8 17:11:49 BST 2002

Horms wrote:

> It is actually something you may want to do. For example.

Thanks for an example.
> Imagine you have a dialup server,, which sits on the
> network.  Now each dialup user is going to get their own ip
> address, but is your server network, so these ip addresses
you mean the dialup client?   

> are on a different network, lets say Now when the dailup users
> come in, there is no need for the dialup-server to have an address on the
> network, it is just a point to point link, 

with point-to-point you can route between two IPs in different networks?

> so you can have for
> instance.
> [client]<-------->[dialup-server]
> ppp0              ppp0
> But the dialup-server already has on eth0. 

This was in the first statement. Why do you restate it here?
I assume the location of is of interest here
but I don't get it.

> Thus you have the
> same IP address on multiple interfaces. 

which other interface has (if this is the IP
of interest here).

> In fact it would have the same IP
> address on eth0 and each of the ppp interfaces.



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