KeepAlivedD 0.5.7

Alexandre CASSEN alexandre.cassen at
Mon May 13 10:24:05 BST 2002

Hi Richard,

>1st - Configuring keepalived to my tr0 device. KeepAliveD starts with out
>problem and shows the current machine as MASTER.
>Now, however, no traffic is allow to pass in or out of the tr0 device on
>any ip address, real or virtual. From remote machines pinging the RIP/VIP
>you get a destination unreachable message. Pinging from the local machine
>out to an local address you get the same message, destination unreachable.
>In both cases the dest. unreachable messages are being reported by the
>local interface, in this case tr0. Is KeepAliveD even supported over

Currently keepalived doesn t support TokenRing since I have not such
card/network env. Currently keepalived doesn t take care of the NIC type,
this is why it bootstrap successfully and problem appear after. Keepalived
require eth nic for VRRP framework. But since the ip address is set through
netlink it might be a flag setting the TokenRing IP address to set a
working ip address using netlink channel.

>2nd - Configuring keepalived to my eth0 device. KeepAliveD starts,
>it say that the kernel is reporting eth0 is DOWN and then ends. eth0 is
>down and I can ping to/from the device.

3C905C-TX have MII regs enable and I am running those NICs so it sound
strange.... ETH0 is not set by keepalived. Keepalived only set IP address
on NIC. So if you can not ping your main IP address of you ETH0 the
problems might be a system configuration. Keepalived assume ETH NIC down
according to IFF_UP|DOWN, IFF_RUNNING & MII-reg BMSR good. your NIC can be
IFF_DOWN or not RUNNING or you run a special 3Com NIC firmware that mistake
the MII-reg BMSR polling.

Can you give more info on your hard ? a dmesg for example and your
keepalived debug log files.

Best regards,

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