add a sun-realserver to lvs-dr

Torsten Buslei mail at
Mon May 13 15:08:25 BST 2002


I'm using LVS-DR. To add a linux-box as realserver to my LVS, I use the
following commands:

-hidden commands, then:-
ifconfig lo:1 <VIP> netmask up
route add -host <VIP> dev lo:1

For solaris 8 I don't have to handle with a hidden patch. But the
commands are a little bit different:

ifconfig lo0 plumb
ifconfig lo0:1 plumb
ifconfig lo0:1 <VIP> -arp netmask up

route ???

I don't know how to set up the routing table like under linux.

Can someone help? I havn't found anything on the net :-(

Thanks, Torsten

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