srpm problem

Alex Kramarov alex at
Tue May 14 18:43:52 BST 2002


I just installed lvs director, and would like to report the following problem :

using the ipvsadm-1.20-6.src.rpm, i ran :

rpm --rebuild ipvsadm-1.20-6.src.rpm
rpm -i <the resulting i386.rpm>

it installs and works fine

running /etc/init.d/ipvsadm save - results in no response.

after looking at the code, i saw that /etc/init.d/ipvsadm expects /etc/sysconfig/ipvsadm file to exist. it exits if the file does not exist. the rpm does not create the file = problem.

other then that, good work. i am testing this to hold in front of a 2 realservers with average traffic of 30MB, 200 hits/sec. Hope it will work well.
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