Problem with SH scheduler and localnode feature

Rached Ben Mustapha rached at
Fri May 17 16:38:54 BST 2002

On 17-May-2002 Wensong Zhang wrote:


> I don't know how many clients are used in your test. You know that the SH 
> scheduler is statically mapping algorithm (based on the source IP address 
> of clients). It is quite possible that two or more client IP addresses are 
> mapped to the same server.

I've done another test and you're right. With 5 client IP addresses, there is
load balancing. I've done the test with only 3 different machines which were on
the same network in my previous mail. I would have thought the SH algorithm
could have a "perfect" balancing scheme.
Could the kernel parameter IP_VS_TAB_SIZE influence in that way ? I've put 16
bits instead of the default 12.

Thanks very much for the time.


Rached [for Ludovic]

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