tcpsp -- 0.0.1 having problems on linux 2.4.17

Wensong Zhang wensong at
Sat May 18 08:21:26 BST 2002


On Fri, 17 May 2002, Jagadish Nallapaneni wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to make tcpsp module work in my environment.   Currently I got forwarder example to forward messages back and forth after some minor modifications in my environment. 
> I still see the following problems
> 	1) cleanup -- the fin packet also getting forwarded between ends but the application in the middle splicing the connections 
> 		is having the socket descriptors. (It is not getting any indication of the sockets getting closed with the poll )
> 	2) When I forcibly close the application,   it seems to be sending fin/ack packets with wrong sequence numbers. (TCP layer using
> 		unspliced state of the socket )

I haven't worked on tcpsp for a while. I don't know if you are talking 
about how to close the user-space socket nicely.

In the tcpsp 0.0.1, it simply send RST messsage to the socket connected to
the client after the two connections are spliced, so that the program in 
the user-space will close the sockets and continue to do other things 
(such as picking up new requests). Maybe it is not nice to send RST 
message at that time, it may be nicer to send RST messages to both the 
sockets after the server acknowledges that the request is received.

> I have some ideas about how to fix both,  but I am wondering if anybody has fixed them already.
> Thanks,
> Jagadish



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