Arshad Khan khanam at
Thu May 23 23:09:51 BST 2002

Hello all,
I am new to linux system admin and virtual server. I want to set up a
LVS-NAT cluster with one director and 3 dell servers behind a cisico swtich.
For the purpose of running a webserver, which relies upon a locally held
flat file database that is updated weekly via ftp from some ftp servers
around the world.
I have followed lvs mini-howto for setting up 2 NIC LVS-nat manually on
redhat 6.2, 2.2.19 kernel and corresponding IPVS. ETH0 to external traffic
and ETH1 for internal traffic.
eth0=external ip
RS1= eth0
RS2= eth0

I ran the configure script with nat-2nic-2networks. Because the director
already had an IP at eth0 it produced error that eth0 already had VIP set up
etc. So i removed the IP from /etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
and rebooted. Then it ran fine except for one that I havent set variable
$router_forwards. Nevertheless, it produced rc.lvs-nat amongst others. When
I ran It produces errors of the type:

error not a server not a director
I am not a server
I am not a director
return can only return from function

Errors: 2
Some of those are from the test that failed.
If you are experimenting, its possible that the LVS will work
Your LVS maynot be setup properly
./rc.lvs-nat : [: too many arguments

I tried to alias eth0 to eth0:110 for the VIP. When I tried to do
/sbin/ifconfig eth0:1 externalip brodacast netmask etc it would not work and
gave this error message:

SIOCSIFNETMASK: Cannot assign requested address

Then I tried the manual method from the lvs mini-howto, the director pings
the 2 real servers and viceversa and telnets to the real servers after long
 But I cannot telnet from an external client into the server

Can any1 point out what I have missed out or done wrong in both of the setup
I will be grateful if some1 can help me out on this.
With this lvs-nat set up am i right in thinking that the real-servers will
have access to the internet via the director's external ip?
Many Thanx.


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