help ,how to configure the lvs-dr

xiongqiuhua mountains_0513 at
Fri May 24 03:31:33 BST 2002

hi,everyone ,I am newer to the lvs    :)

now  I am trying to establish lvs-dr handling telnet for testing.  And I have read the mini-howto of  lvs.

I have done the following step on the director:
1) download the standerd kernel 2.2.19 from   
2) uncompress the kernel to /usr/src/linux
3) download the ipvs-patch  and uncompress it  to /usr/src/linux/ipvs
4)patch the kernel
5)compile the kernel  
but after that  ,I am puzzling how to configure the lvs  on the director.
alll my maching is in a physical net. one for client,one for director ,the other two for realserver.
every maching has a NIC.    
can anyone  give me  detail steps  to configure the  lvs-dr?
thanks a lot!
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