rc.lvs Configure scripts and Director Failover.

Palmer J.D.F. J.D.F.Palmer at Swansea.ac.uk
Fri May 24 14:40:11 BST 2002

Hi All,

I've worried myself a bit a minute ago, still am a bit perhaps you can set
my mind at ease.

I'm using Joseph Mack's configure script on my Squid LVS cluster and I'm
trying to make sure that when the directors failover the LVS continues to
run correctly.

Here's the scenario...

Assume the LVS is running having been set up using the rc.lvs_dr from one of
the directors (containing this director's IP).
Now the second director has a different config file as the director IP is
Does this other rc.lvs_rc need to be ran on the realservers when the
directors failover?

I tried killing the main director, rebooted it, the directors failed over ok
and the LVS continued to work, but my question is should they have bearing
in mind the rc.lvs_dr script still active on the realservers was the one
generated on direcotor1.

IE do the realservers rely on knowing the Director IP in order to work

Do you see what I mean?

Many thanks,

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