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> Arshad Khan wrote:
> >
> > I ran the configure script with nat-2nic-2networks. Because the director
> > already had an IP at eth0 it produced error that eth0 already had VIP
set up
> > etc.
> the configure script sets these up for you. The VIP and the DIP are
> IPs so that they can be moved to another machine on director failover.
> I haven't clearly pointed this out in the HOWTOs. I've just put a note
> in the next versions
> So i removed the IP from /etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
> > and rebooted. Then it ran fine except for one that I havent set variable
> > $router_forwards.
> This takes a bit of figuring out I'll admit. If you don't have it set then
> you just miss out on a redundant test.
> Nevertheless, it produced rc.lvs-nat amongst others. When
> > I ran It produces errors of the type:
> >
> > error not a server not a director
> > I am not a server
> > I am not a director
> the host can't find its name/IP in the conf file. Are the names/IPs
> the host uses, the same as in the conf file?
> You can ignore any other errors till you fix this problem.
> Joe

Yes the IP that the host uses and in the conf file are the same. still it is
unable to assign vip with configure script

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