Joseph Mack mack.joseph at
Fri May 24 18:26:40 BST 2002

Arshad Khan wrote:

> >
> > the host can't find its name/IP in the conf file. Are the names/IPs
> > the host uses, the same as in the conf file?

> Yes the IP that the host uses and in the conf file are the same. still it is
> unable to assign vip with configure script

please send me _offline_ to jmack at 

o your .conf file
o the /etc/hosts file on the machine that fails
o the output on the machine that fails of
sh -x rc.lvs >rc.lvs_out 2>&1

(I probably won't be able to get to it till monday, but 
I'll have a look this weekend if I can)

Thanks Joe

Joseph Mack PhD, Senior Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin
contractor to the National Environmental Supercomputer Center, 
mailto:mack.joseph at ph# 919-541-0007, RTP, NC, USA

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