[ANNOUNCE] ktcpvs 0.0.9

Wensong Zhang wensong at gnuchina.org
Sun May 26 15:35:12 BST 2002


The ktcpvs 0.0.9 tar ball is available on the LVS website. The ChangeLog
is as follows:

2002-05-26  Wensong Zhang  <wensong at linux-vs.org>

	* tcp_vs.c (tcp_vs_relay_socket): two changes in the zero-copy
	sending and non zero-copying respectively.

	- In the zero-copying sending, added the code of destructing the
	skb from the source sock and set its owner to the dest sock. It
	seems that the sock parameters have been tuned correctly.

	- Added the code of continue sending the left data, if the
	skb_send_datagram_socket cannot send all the data as expected.

	* tcp_vs.h, tcp_vs_http.c (tcp_vs_http_schedule), tcp_vs_wlc.c
	(tcp_vs_wlc_schedule) and tcp_vs.c (tcp_vs_conn_handle): changed
	return type of the schedule method in the struct tcp_vs_scheduler
	from socket pointer to int, so that the return code can return
	more error codes.

	* tcp_vs.c (tcp_vs_child): changed to use NONBLOCK accept call.

Your bugreports, fixes, comments and suggestions are welcome.



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