looking for name for primary IP on director facing the RIP network.

John Cronin jsc3 at gtf.org
Tue May 28 18:51:57 BST 2002

How about Host IP (HIP) or Node IP (NIP)?  Actually, I guess these are
more of an alternative to RIP (which is Real IP, if I remember - or is

Joseph Mack wrote:
> We are using names like VIP, DIP, CIP, RIP...
> The current HOWTO uses DIP for the IP on the director
> which connects to the RIP network. In the case of director
> failover, the DIP moves to the other director, ie the DIP
> is a secondary IP (or alias). The DIP is used as the
> SERVER_GW for LVS-NAT and as the location of the active
> director from the realservers. 
> The primary IP is used for communication to/from a specific
> director, independant of its state (backup/active).
> We don't have a name for this primary IP on each director.
> I haven't come up with anything. Anyone have any ideas
> for the name of the primary IP on the director(s) which is
> on the RIP network? I'd prefer a 3 letter acronym.
> Thanks Joe
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