web statistics on a lvs web server

Joseph Mack mack.joseph at epa.gov
Wed May 29 20:22:38 BST 2002

Ronny Aasen wrote:
> on this web server i would like to use some sort of web statistics tool
> i am using awstats on the current production server
> but using lvs-nat all connections seam to orginate from the directors
> (naturally)

The usual problem running webpages under LVS-NAT is that the realserver
thinks it's running on the RIP rather than the VIP, while the content
thinks it is arriving on a machine with the VIP. Fixes for this
are in the HOWTO.

You then have a problem of merging your logs, also written up in the HOWTO.

The packets that the realserver receives in LVS-NAT have src_addr=CIP,
dst_addr=RIP. As far as I know the packets should have any IPs from
the director on them. I doubt if that is what you mean though


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