Starting LVS

Joseph Mack mack.joseph at
Thu May 30 12:52:47 BST 2002

Altaf Qadir wrote:
> Hello
> This is my first message to this list. I am undergraduate student and want
> to establish LVS as a part of my project. I know networking, hardware and
> can install Linux. Can anyone there help me. I have read the LVS mini Howto.
> I have installed Redhat 6.2 and have configured it. It is now pinging. Now
> what should I do? Can anyone give me hands on guideline. I will be grateful
> for that.

Most of us who reply on this mailing list do so in spare moments at work,
courtesy of employers who trust us to do something useful with 
the resources they've given us. Questions that have been asked before
go into the HOWTO, so that we can use our time to answer new questions. 
I know the HOWTO is huge and overwhelming to a person facing LVS for
the first time and I'm glad in a lot of ways that I came to LVS 
when we didn't know so much about it and it all was simpler. 
However you still should be able to set up a 2 realserver LVS serving 
telnet or http from the mini-HOWTO using the scripts there.

This is what we expect you to know before you come to LVS.
It's not a whole lot really.

Good luck

Joseph Mack PhD, Senior Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin
contractor to the National Environmental Supercomputer Center, 
mailto:mack.joseph at ph# 919-541-0007, RTP, NC, USA

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