Chris Beauchamp cb at digitalbrain.com
Fri May 31 17:37:59 BST 2002

"mack at linux-vs.org" <mack at cheetah.linux-vs.org> writes:

> On 31 May 2002, Chris Beauchamp wrote:
> > We've actually managed to get it working - the MTU on the office
> > firewall machine was set to 1450, as opposed to 1500, due to an
> > historical issue with the PPP protocal somewhere in the DSL
> > infrastructure, which as apparantly been cured, since setting it back
> > to 1500 appears to fix everything (and not break anything, fingers
> > crossed ;-)
> The director should have handled the needed icmp functions just fine.  
> Can icmp packets go between the director and the firewall machine?

Yup, checked that - made sure there was an accept/send all rule for
ICMP in there - had no effect.

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