ipvsadm & heartbeat question

Malcolm Turnbull malcolm.turnbull at crocus.co.uk
Wed Jan 8 20:01:18 GMT 2003

Andy Elacion, Jr. wrote:

>Good day,
>I was able to configure an LVS-NAT with heartbeat (I have 2 LVS-NAT).
>Hearbeat is wonderful, my back-up-LVS takes over the IP Address of my
>master-LVS when I down the heartbeat.
>My question is this:
>1.  will ipvsadm know/update its table when a realserver dies?  How do I
>monitor my realserver?
You need to use ldirectord,keepalived or mon

>2.  Why is it that my back-up LVS do not release the IP Address of my
>master-LVS when I up the heartbeat of my master-LVS?
If heartbeat is working it should.. check the logs.
NB. For NAT You'll need two VIPs controlled by heartbeat both the 
internal and the external (or even multiple external.)
You may be better off on the heartbeat mailing list.


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