LVS-DR problems

Julian Anastasov ja at
Wed Jan 15 21:19:32 GMT 2003


On 15 Jan 2003, Matthew Crocker wrote:

> I'm having a weird problem.  I have a LVS box setup which forwards a
> Class C (using fwmark) to a couple real servers.  It appears the packets
> coming from the real server going back to the client are getting dropped
> by the LVS box for some reason.

	My recommendation is to stick with the forward_shared
flag as method to solve the problem. Set it to 1 for the internal
interface connected to the real servers. Then it is safe to add the
VIP as normal IP address on some interface. Also, it is a bad idea to use
the forward_shared flag to allow spoofing from external interfaces.


Julian Anastasov <ja at>

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