Balancing multiple services on realservers

Matthias Krauss MKrauss at
Thu Jan 16 14:05:27 GMT 2003

currently i do have a setup of 1 director and 3 realservers behind serving
http requests, those are Win2K hosts, i used the solution for a additional 
loopback device configured with the VIP and a metric of 254, all going fine
so far. 

Now i'm looking for a new following solution:
All 3 Webhosts have a database engine underneath (local), the web <-> engine
goes via ip (the engines are offering a listen socket), in my current
szenario the 
traffic goes through local.

I would like to have those engines also balanced so that the 3 webs are
talking maybe
to another VIP which is balancing then the engines, currently thats not
possible because
if i make the webs talking to the vip where the engines are then the request
comes always
through local because of the loopback IF which is answering the
local<->local request no 
matter if i use the VIP or Localhost addresses, they point always to the
local engine.

Can anybody think of a solution here ?


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