LVS DR Localnode mit heartbeat?

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Thu Jan 16 16:36:26 GMT 2003

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> Uwe Kruse wrote:
> > 
> > Hallo,
> > i try to realize a local node cluster with LVS DR. On my Real server, there ist the VIP on
> > lo:0 with ifconfig. I have implemeted the hidden patch. All works fine.
> > Now i try to use heartbeat for ha.
> you have 2 directors which you are doing the failover on?
> > In case of fail over, heatbeat uses the vip defined on the lo:0. 
> the lo:0 VIP is on the realservers. You don't use HA to failover the realservers.
> For the realservers you use mon or some equivalent.

The director starts on a server, which was a real server before.

> > The gratious arp can not work.
> what is the problem with it?

heartbeat makes in ifconfig for the vip to lo:0 on the realserver. So it can arp.
When i haven't startet  the realserver before the vip is on eth0:0. That would be correct-

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