If this is not persistence, what is it? Maybe http1.1 ?!?

Joao Pedro Clemente jpcl at rnl.ist.utl.pt
Thu Jan 23 15:03:03 GMT 2003

I've setted um a lvs-dr in front of 2 J2EE servers (Jboss, to be precise).
I've created a simple test page that has a link for itself. I
configured each server has having a different color for the page.
I was expecting to see a different color each time I clicked the page
link... But no: I see the same color for some time, and eventually it
would change to the other color.

I confirmed my doubts with ipvsadm. A connection stays up for some time,
then it goes to closed state and then it round robin the requests to the
second server.

Question: Is this caused by the browser, (for instance, trying to use a
http1.1 persistent connection) ? I've tried with IE and mozilla, I think.

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