SSL on director versus real server

pb peterbaitz at
Mon Jan 27 15:46:32 GMT 2003

Hello Joe and all,

Is it possible for SSL to be supported on the LVS
directory rather than on the real server(s) ???
I mean, I think there is a routing ability of LVS to
the directory itself, besides the normal routing to
real servers, right?

So, would this work... Apache+SSL running on port N on
the LVS director, with a seperate PUBLIC or PRIVATE IP
ADDRESS (which one???) such that SSL is handeled
locally, then finally you get passed along to a real
server.  I reading the J.M. HOWTO I saw something on
local routing on the LVS directory itself, but how to
do this whole SSL setup ... anyone have some good doc
on it???

Right now, the powers that be have brought up the
question of placing a purchased Mirapoint email system
behind a "free" load balancer (neglecting to consider
that Mirapoint runs on FreeBSD, and that Piranha is a
purchasable LVS product as well).  See what I mean? 


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