Streamline Highly Availability and Load Balancing

Johan Ronkainen jr at
Tue Jan 28 21:01:57 GMT 2003

> I am trying to implement the two node ha/load balanced topology. I've been
> successful with the ha part, the servers will fail over, but I've been
> unable to get load balancing to work.


We're running two-node cluster doing web-caching (Squid) and virus-scanning
HTTP/FTP traffic (Dansguardian with av-patch and F-prot). No separate
front-end LVS boxes, just these two servers. There's 700-800 workstations
behind these two machines and weekly combined traffic is ~40GB so
utilization is fairly low.

Two identical dual AMD machines (MP2100+, 2GB RAM, 4*80GB IDE, 3*ETH). Both
have one ethernet interface to internal LAN (eth0), one with cross-over
cable to another node (eth1) and one connected to Internet (eth2).

No special kernel patches. Keepalive handling VRRP and squid service

Clients connect to (eth0) and LVS passes request to (node1) or (node2) via eth1. We're using LVS-DR with

Only LVS related iptables rule we have is port 8080 redirection.

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -d --dport 8080 -j REDIRECT -i eth1

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