Streamline Highly Availability and Load Balancing

David A. Sinck lvs-lists at
Tue Jan 28 22:26:06 GMT 2003

\_ SMTP quoth Peter Mueller on 1/28/2003 14:18 as having spake thusly:
\_ > > I use redhat kernels in my setups.  I like the extensive 
\_ > testing they get.
\_ > 
\_ > You do know that redhat doesn't test any of the distributions 
\_ > except the
\_ > advanced server version.
\_ ??  I have always heard (and seen Alan Cox emails to support this) that RH
\_ tested their kernels extensively for stability.  Did their policy change?

Also, then why do they have buckets of patches against the kernel and
instead of latest vanilla kernel with as few patches as they can get
away with?  Err... I suppose I could argue myself out of that fairly

FWIW, I did just patch RH stock upgrade with ipvs-1.0.7 and the hidden
patch without overmuch difficulty to get a kernel.rpm.  

I will admit to being somewhat leery of editing the diff by hand to
get it to apply.

I haven't had time yet to see if the scheduler freeze reported earlier
is gone, but initial signs are good.


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