Director and real server on the same machine?

Per Wicklund per.wicklund at
Fri Jan 31 14:58:34 GMT 2003

> > Is it possible to have a lvs configuration using only two RedHat
> > 7.2 Linux machins running as both directors and real servers?
> Sure ! Strictly speaking about LVS, it's the localnode feature. Then,
> you'll have to adapt/configure/tweak the ha and monitoring tools.
> > What problems may we run into if we use such a configuration?
> Yes, I have 2 clusters made of only two RH7.3 nodes, both acting as
> realservers and directors (active/passive).

This sounds exacltly like the configuration I want to set up.

> If you're using piranha, I might supply a patch which will greatly
> improve the feasability.

I was thinking of using Piranha, but I don't know how to get it for RH7.2.
Do you have any idea? I don't think RedHat provides it, or do they?
If you can provide some great patch I would be very greatful to receive it.

Best Regards
Per Wicklund>

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