[ANNOUNCE] ipvs 1.0.9

Wensong Zhang wensong at linux-vs.org
Tue May 20 18:15:02 BST 2003


The ipvs 1.0.9 tar ball is available on the LVS website. It has a serious
bug fix. Please upgrade to this version if you use 1.0.8. The ChangeLog is
as follows:

IP Virtual Server Netfilter module - Version 1.0.9 - May 21, 2003

	* Ported the Shortest Expected Delay scheduling module and the
	Never Queue scheduling module back from IPVS 1.1.5. Again, thanks
	must go to Marko Buuri <marko at buuri dot name> for talking the
	SED and NQ algorithms to us.

	* Removed the terrible line of initializing the sltimer_jiffies
	with the system jiffies, which was added in the version 1.0.8.  It
	would cause a big delay for connection expiration, which might
	lead to some serious problems, such as resource wasting and hang
	up while unloading the ipvs module. Thanks must go to Horms for
	the finding and explanation.

	* ipvsadm man page update

As always, bugreports, fixes, comments and suggestions are welcome.



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