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Fri Apr 2 12:40:28 BST 2004

Francois JEANMOUGIN wrote:

> Something weird happen with it the last time Jo corrected it, so, part of the comments in the examples are not correct (and my name disappeared, <sig>) but you will find a way to manage AOL proxies and client IP rotation...

There may be something funny going on with the HOWTO.
One of Horms machines went down last week and service was switched
to another (backup) machine and probably no-one noticed
the short loss of service. However this morning is down, so the problem may not
be over. 

The HOWTOs were moved to one of my machines about 1 Jan 2004

It is possible that the backup machine was showing an old HOWTO.
One of the problems with the HOWTO is that old stuff is not removed
and new stuff is just added on top. It's highly unlikely that
anyone's name will have disappeared from the HOWTO :-)

I just checked - the 4 HOWTOs for this year all have the same
single entry for JEANMOUGIN from 30 Dec 2003.

Let me know if there's a problem I'm missing

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