Poor throughput using LVS+NAT

Arnar Gestsson age at trackwell.com
Fri Apr 2 14:25:42 BST 2004

Hi guys,

I'm quite new to LVS, I recently installed LVS NAT + keepalived in our
network. The basic os is RH9 and I compiled the 2.6.3 kernel with ipvs
activated. As well am I using keepalived 1.1.6 and ipvsadm v1.24.  This
seemingly works fine, but throughput for the installation is quite poor,
I'm only getting like 35k/s through the directors to the real servers
user scp on a 100Mbit network.  What seems also to be the case is that
when my directors are run in failover mode the throughput is less than
if I stop one of them.

My director machines are PIII 750Mhz and PIII 650Mhz, with some 256 and
384MB in memory.

I'm wondering what is going wrong and if anyone knows this situation.

BR. Arnar

Arnar Gestsson
Trackwell Software

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