Help debugging director problems after a period of time

Randy Paries randy.paries at
Fri Apr 2 19:07:57 BST 2004


> Here is the problem.
> It works fine for a period of time. Then after a while(hours not 
> minutes) everything slows down.

>>>is it busy (top)?

No very low 1% - 5%

> The symptom is I can not longer ping my name server.
>>>by IP or name?

Only ping by ip, since I the box I am trying to get to is the name server.

> If I reboot it works fine again for a while. I tried killing 
> ldirectord to see if he was the problem but nope. I can ssh into the 
> box just fine,
>>>does this mean it's working again after you kill ldirectord or "nope"
it's not working still.

No it still does not work. The only thing that fixes it is the reboot. Now
next time I will try restarting the network service.

> it is just the name resolution.
>>>I don't know what this means.

Resolving name to ip using dns 

> Ipvsadm takes about 30 seconds to display(must use the name server I 
> assume)
>>>try ipvsadm -n then ipvsadm
>>>netstat -n, netstat
>>>route -n, route

I will try these. I did try these (ipvsadm , netstat -a , route)

They all kind of hung for a while and then displayed. I did not try the -n's


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