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lvs at lvs at
Mon Apr 5 14:49:13 BST 2004

Thanks to Gaston and Peter re hardware suppliers. I've just had a
quote from who seem really good. All their hardware is
linux optimised and seems good value too.

Peter, I've unfortunately already experienced the problem with the
Dell PERC 3/di raid stuff! There seems to be no fix other than replacing

I haven't had any comments back yet on my actual plan though, which
might mean its fine, no comments, or so bad people are collapsing in

So, I think I will go ahead with this plan and see how it goes. I
think I will move the SSL and proxy stuff onto the middle tier to make
setup simpler. But I'll keep the list informed.

Are there any webpages out there with other peoples implementations
and ideas? Surely lots of people are using a setup just like the one I


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